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Muddy Waters (Seattle 1980) "Whoís playiní that pianta (sic)? You play my shit good!"

Willie Dixon
( Seattle 1980 ) "I wish my son could play like you."

Bo Diddley (Florida 1979) "Chuck, you got that Chess sound."

Kim Wilson (Chicago 2007) There just really isn't anyone else who can do what Barrelhouse Chuck does. He plays that real Chicago blues piano. I was surprised how good he can sing too."

Steve Winwood (Chicago 1997 ) "Chuck, I love Chicago blues! Muddy Waters,
 Howlin Wolf . Why didn't you tell me you play piano!"

Junior Brown ( July 2013 )" I really like your voice, your singing draws you in" 

Little Brother Montgomery (Chicago 1983) "He is the best youngster at playing Chicago style blues"
Pinetop Perkins "Oh man, Chuckie can play Ö he plays all my stuff, all of everybody else's, and then some of his own!"

Sunnyland Slim "Chuck is like my son. He carry's on my blues when he plays" 

Jim Mckaba  ( Florida 2013 ) No one else can sing Floyd Jones or Sunnyland Slim or play the piano like you anywhere"
Erwin Helfer "Barrelhouse is my favorite blues piano player."

Eric Clapton. " Did you hear that Keith! He sounds just like Big Maceo"

Keith Richards " My god man, I thought I was listening to Otis Spann "

Billy Gibbons " The way you hit the high notes so fast its like your playing the drums,
I'd like to record with you"

Bruce Springsteen (New York 2008) "Thats great piano!"

Albert King (Seattle 1980) "Can you leave tomorrow? I want you to join my band."
Jimmy Rogers (Chicago 1989) "Man I got's to have him in my band."

Billy Flynn "Of all the younger blues piano players, not only is he the greatest, but he is also liked and known by the great piano players. Heís like family to these people. The proper schooling has taken place."
Mud Morganfield  ( Chicago 2012 ) Chuck a luck, your one of the best alive on the piano " 
Steve Jordan (2008) Cadillic Records Soundtrack There isn't anyone else around who could have played that heavy pounding the blues on the piano, and on Chuck Berry's numbers." 

Richard Innes - Every note, every song, you play your hardest. You kill the piano man!

Paul Oscher  (Phoenix AZ 2010) You're one of the greatest piano players in the world!

Larry " The Mole " Taylor " I love playing with you Chuck it's great "
Jim Keltner "Any drummer who gets to play with Barrelhouse Chuck is a lucky one!"

Tom Waits "I really like your playing"
Eric Clapton "Chuck did I do that right? Do I make the change now, or do I make it later?"

Junior Watson (Phoenix AZ 2010) Barrelhouse Chuck one the best blues piano players today.

Marshall Chess  New York 2008) "Never in my whole life since the early days at Chess have I heard or seen anyone play or sound like you!" 

Bharth Rajakumer ((Phoenix AZ 2010) The baddest piano player I ever heard in my life!

Big Walter Horton ( Chicago 1979 ) " Aren't you glad you can play!"
Sonny Terry  ( Florida 1978 )"  Sonny Terry really likes your playing"
S.P. Leary " Barrelhouse Chuck & Erwin Helfer are my favorite blues piano players"
Dave Brubeck ( Chicago 2005 ) "Barrelhouse, you sound great."

Eddie Kendricks   (Alabama 1983) "You got soul man!"

Piano Willie O'Shawney "When Pinetop's gone it's just going to be Barrelhouse Chuck left. 
Big Moose Walker "I hear you man. You play your ass off. You faster than me, but I ain't affraid of ya!"

Albert Collins (Chicago 1982) "You bang that piano real nice."

Sam Myers (25 years of Chicago Blues Piano). "Chuck really plays! Not a bad tune on the whole CD!"

Jeffery Wright (2008) "You're a master on blues piano. The real deal."

Justin O'Brien, Living Blues "There may only still be a few piano players playing blues like this, but none with the heart and stamina and the breadth of styles learned directly from the masters of Barrelhouse Chuck. No oneís done his homework quite like Chuck, and unfortunately, no one ever can again."

Honey Piazza "You've captured the true essence of the music and I know you're not copying anyone, it's just you now. I haven't enjoyed watching someone else so much in a long, long time!" 

David Adler Cultural Center "Blues doesn't get anymore authentic than this!" 


Editorial reviews

"Got My Eyes On You" Barrelhouse Chuck
Chuck's disc is a first rate Chicago blues CDs and those legendary cats give the best of them on every track. If you ask me, "Got My Eyes On You" has "traditional album of the year" written all over it, a winner in my book. The other thing that impressed me is the quality of Sirens' CDs - the cover is always stylish and sound quality is well above average, true audiophile releases!
As always it will be my pleasure to feature those two discs in my shows - rest assured that I will give this some heavy airplay. I'm sure my listeners will enjoy it as much as I do. 10
© Przemek Draheim

...SALUTE TO SUNNYLAND SLIM will be a treat for traditional blues lovers, including straight-ahead Chicago blues, swinging jump blues, playful boogies, a jazzy shuffle, and a couple of mournful slow blues. Extra bonus track is worth the cost alone! A must for blues collectors and fans......a killer CD from beginning to end!
- Living Blues (07/01/1999)

Prescription For The Blues
With obvious pride, chuck Goering carries the torch for Sunnyland Slim, Little Brother Montgomery, Leroy Carr, and other revered figures of blues piano. Glad to say, he shows enough personality to avoid felony charges of mimicry when handling slow blues and romps associated with his mentors. And Chuck's a capable singer, at his most delightful in Sunnyland's inebriated "Barrelhouse Woman". Helfer, a former comrade-in-blues of Big Joe Williams, guests on three tracks, moving Chuck over to the churchy Farfisa organ for "Ain't Nobody's Business."
- Frank-John Hadley, DownBeat November 2002

"8 Hands on 88 Keys - Chicago Blues Piano Masters" (The Sirens Records
"It isnít often that four Chicago piano virtuosos convene for a marathon recording session, but this one must have been a riot, judging by the sheer fervor of the performances. Each artist sounds utterly unlike the rest, with Barrelhouse Chuck laying down relentless boogie rhythms, Detroit Junior accompanying his fat chords with moans and cries, Pinetop Perkins luxuriating in unbelievably slow and sultry tempos and Erwin Helfer ripping through blues, boogie, and jazz numbers at a breakneck pace. Together, these great Chicago originals play down-home music thatís about as unvarnished as it gets."
- Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune March 3, 2002

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