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Barrelhouse Chuck
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Barrelhouse Chuck, Detroit Jr., Erwin Helfer, Pinetop Perkins
8 Hands on 88 Keys
(The Sirens Records 2002)

Anderson, Sunnyland, F.Jones, Chuck, S.Smothers (Chicago)

Andrew Voice Odom & Barrelhouse Chuck Chicago 1986

Andrew Voice Odom, Chuck & Dave Myers Watertower Chicago

Barrelhouse (Artist Bumble Bee Bob) (Chicago 1984)

Barrelhouse Chuck & Barking Bill

Barrelhouse Chuck & Betsy

Barrelhouse Chuck & Blue Lights with Hurbet Sumlin (Alaska)

Barrelhouse Chuck & Hurbert Sumlin (backstage, Canada 1980)

Barrelhouse Chuck & Jimmy Rogers (Navy Pier Chicago 1982)

Barrelhouse Chuck & The Blue Lights (Seattle, Washington 1980)

Barrelhouse Chuck & The Blue Lights Willie Kent, J.B. Moore

Barrelhouse Chuck (1976 Gainesville, Florida)

Barrelhouse Chuck (1979 Canada)

Barrelhouse Chuck (Ketchikan, Alaska 1980)

Barrelhouse Chuck (Promo Picture 1984 Libertyville IL)

Barrelhouse Chuck (Promo Picture 1984 Libertyville, IL)

Barrelhouse Chuck (Promo Picture 1984 Libertyville, IL)

Barrelhouse Chuck,The Blue Lights (Blue Chicago 1986)

Besty Goering (Libertyille IL 1996)

Big Smokey Smothers, Johnny Shines, & Barrelhouse Chuck (Mississippi)

Billy Wildman & Chuck (Libertyville IL 1987)

Billy Wildman, Garith Best, Dr. Steve, Chuck, (Libertyille)

Barrelhouse Chuck, Blind John Davis & Barry Dollins (Chicago 1983)

Blind John Davis, Little Brother

Blue Fuller, Jon Buck, Tom Huffhines, Barrelhouse Chuck (New Years 1999)

Blue Fuller, Little Joe Berson, Guitar Jr. (Hammond, Indiana 1978)

Bluelights - Hurbet Sumlin (1981 Debbie's Lounge)

Bo Diddely & Chuck Kingston Mines (Chicago 1984)

Bob Connelly

Brownie McGhee, Barrelhouse Chuck, Wild Child Butler San Francisco, California 1983

Carie Bell & Barrelhouse Chuck Mississippi Blues festival 1989

Barrelhouse Chuck & Detroit Jr. at Katherina's Chicago 2003

Barrelhouse Chuck, Erwin Helfer & Blue Gil Fuller (Katherina's Chicago)

Chuck & Joe & Willie Bell Montgomery at LBM graveyard

Chuck, Don Goering, Charlie Bush (Gainesville, Florida 1976)

Crown Prince Waterford & Jim McKaba & The After Hours Band

Mom & Dad

Daisy, Otis, Lilly (Libertyville IL 2000)

Dave Maxwell & Barrelhouse Chuck (Chicago 1990)

Dave Myers, Sunnyland Slim & Barrelhouse Chuck (Watertower Chicago 1984)

Detroit Jr .& Barrelhouse Chuck Chicago 1982 (If I hadn't been high!)

Detroit Jr. (Blues at The Earl, Chicago, IL 1986)

EddieShaw, Barrelhouse Chuck, Little Rich, Sunnyland (Blues 1983 )

Eiko & Erwin Helfer

Erwin Helfer & Blind John Davis (Chicago 1984)

Floyd Jones & BarrelhouseChuck (2120 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago IL 1984)

Floyd McDaniel, Barrelhouse Chuck, S.P. Leary (Chicago IL 1997)

Francis Clay Hencly & Chuck (Chicago Blues Fest )

Freddie Below

Grandmother (Katie Goering) Newton Kansas 1975

Hank Williams

Harmonica Todd & Barrelhouse Chuck (Chicago 1999)

Harmonica Todd Levine (Libertyville IL 2004)

Hash Brown & Harmonica Todd (Dallas Texas 1997)

Hash Brown Band & Todd & S. P. Leary (Dallas, Texas 1997)

Henry Grey & Barrelhouse Chuck (Blues ETC Chicago 1987)

Hip Linkchain & Barrelhouse Chuck (Chicago IL 1983)

Homesick James, Sunnyland Slim & Barrelhouse Chuck at BLUES (Chicago)

Honeyboy Edwards & Barrelhouse Chuck (Libertyville IL 1988)

Hotel Tokyo

Hubert Sumlin, Steve Arvey, Chico Chism, Barrelhouse Chuck (Kingston Mines)

Jay McShann, Barrelhouse Chuck, Little Brother Montgomery (Chicago)

Jay McShann, Little Brother, Barrelhouse Chuck (Chicago Blues Festival 1984)

Jerry Portnoy, Big Smokey Smothers & BarrelhouseChuck (Chicago 1984)

Jim Mckaba & Chuck (Gainesville FL)

Jim Mckaba

Jim McKaba Blues Piano (Jax. Fla 1980s)

Jimmy Dawkins & Chuck Blues etc (Chicago 1984)

Jimmy Rogers & Chuck (Chicago Buddy Guys 1994)

John Mahon, Little Smokey & Big Smokey Smothers (Chicago IL

Jon Buck (Chicago 2000)

Leroy Carr (Chicago 1930s)

Letha Jones - Little Johnny Jones Wife (Chicago IL 1987)

Little Brother & Sunnyland Slim & Chuck at LBM home (Chicago

Little Joe Berson & Big Walter (Tokyo Hotel Chicago IL 1979)

Little Joe Berson & Chuck (Chicago 1983)

Little Joe Berson & Chuck (Hammond Ind 1983)

Little Joe Berson (Gainesville Fla 1975)

Little Joe Berson, D. Shigley & Chuck (Chicago 1984)

Little Joe Berson, Odie Payne, Eddie Taylor (McHenry IL 1978)

London Bill, Pat Corr, Frank, Chuck (Libertyille IL 1984)

Louisiana Red & Chuck (Germany 1999)

Lovie Lee & Chuck Seattle 1980 (me opening for Muddy Waters)

Lurie Bell, Eddie Shaw, Chuck, Little Rich, Sunnyland (Blues)

Magic Slim & Chuck Blues etc (Chicago 1985)

Michael Schwartz & Chuck & Daisy ( Libertyville IL 2002)

Muddy Waters & The Blue Lights (Seattle Wa 1980)

Odie Payne & Chuck (Chicago 1983)

Odie Payne & Chuck (Chicago 1983)

Otis Spann (Chicago 1960s

Pinetop Perkins & Barrelhouse Chuck (South Bend Ind 1986)

Pinetop, Paul Osher, Little Joe Berson, Chuck (Chicago 1983)

Playing 7 nights 8 weeks in a row for Drunks and Strippers

Red House Blues Band (Gainesville Fla 1978) W Robert Hunter

Red Rooster Band (Gainesville Fla 1978).

S.P. Leary & Chuck & Sam Lay Blue Chicago 1986

S.P. Leary, Little Joe, Frank Bandy, Jimmy Rogers (Chicago)

Sam Burckhardt, Steve Freund, Chuck, Willie Big Eyes Smith

Sam Lay, B.B. Jones & Chuck (Georiga 1983)

Sammy Lawhorn & Chuck (Chicago 1979).

Shakey Jake & Chuck (Cal. 1983)

Snooky Pryor & Barrelhouse Chuck (Chicago IL 1987)

Steve Winwood & Chuck

Steve Winwood & Jim Capaldi (Traffic) Chicago 1994

Sunnyland Slim & Baby Doo & Chuck (Chicago1983)

Sunnyland Slim & Chuck (Chicago Blues Fest 1989)

Sunnyland Slim & Chuck at Blues (Chicago 1983)

Sunnyland Slim & Jimmy Walker & Chuck (Chicago1983)

Sunnyland Slim, Little Brother Montgomery Hyde Park (Chicago)

Sunnyland Slim, Little Brother Montgomery, Chuck (Chicago)

Ted Harvey & Barrelhouse Chuck (Studio session Chicago IL

THE BAND Tommy T. Sances

THE BAND Tommy T. Sances & Chuck & Doctor George ( McHenry)

Tollie & Little Brother Montgomery & Chuck at LBM home

Tom Moore Harp (Midway Tavern 1980s Southbend Ind)

Tommy T. Sances, Jim Burk, Chuck (Log Cabin Wis 1999)

Willie Anderson, Chuck & Sunnyland Slim (Blues Chicago 1985).

Willie Big Eyes Smith & Chuck (Chicago 1988).

Willie Smith, BillyFlynn, CalvinJones, Chuck (recording 1999)